CM Sublime Brightening Cream

CM Sublime Brightening Cream


This innovative anti-dark spot cream is inspired by the secrets of Korean pharmacopeia for a flawless complexion. The active plant ingredients used in this skin care allow dark spots to be corrected and brighten the complexion for perfect skin that is protected long term.

The Sublime Brightening Cream is the new revolutionary solution presented by the Cinq Mondes Laboratories to correct and prevent dark spots while boosting the complexion’s radiance. Inspired by Traditional Korean Pharmacopeia, this innovating cream contains all the power of plants with “perfect skin” virtues used by Korean women to achieve their porcelain skin.

The Magnolia Kobus and Licorice complex, possesses a powerful anti-dark spot action. The stem of the Magnolia Kobus flower has an antioxidant power 1000 times superior to that of vitamin E. The Licorice root has an anti-dark spot effectiveness 100 times superior to that of vitamin C thanks to its glabridine content, one of the most powerful natural depigmenting molecules.

Much more than just a cream, the Sublime Brightening Cream teaches skin to target three elements again: the prevention and correction of spots, the harmonisation of the complexion and cellular protection against the damaging effects of UV rays by guaranteeing optimal hydration. Skin is luminous and the complexion more even.

From Cinq Mondes Research, Sublime Brightening Cream contains natural actives, with no silicone or mineral oil from petrochemistry. A highly effective product with an activist formula!

Active Ingredients: Sophora Japonica, Camelia Oil, Lycium Chinense, Uvaxine,Licorice, Kobushi Magnolia (Aromatic Concentrate: Cedarwood, Nymphaea, Lotus Flower)

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