CM Must-Have 15 years Pouch-face/Body

CM Must-Have 15 years Pouch-face/Body


This limited edition gift set combines 15 years’ of our expertise and best-selling products. An exclusive selection of Must-Have products in a pretty purple and gold bag. Popular for their original and subtle fragrance, unique texture and effectiveness, these 5 products have today become THE iconic essentials inspired by time-honored traditions from around the world. Celebrate our anniversary with this Limited Edition of Cinq Mondes products in a handy travel-size format!
Includes: -Flowers Cleansing Balm (Face) 20mL

Ritual from Bali, Indonesia

-Rich Cream of Youth (Face) 15mL

Ritual from Beijing, China

-Papaya Purée (Body) 30mL

Ritual from Siam, Thailand

-Sumptuous Dry Body Oil (Body) 30mL

Ritual from the Atlas, Morocco

-Eau Egyptienne®(Body) 25mL

Ritual from Luxor, Egypt

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