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Life should be lived in good health and happiness. We are committed to helping you reach optimal health through our philosophy developed and refined over our many years as gastrointestinal physicians.

Our Method

Our method for implementing our wellness philosophy has helped countless patients heal the root cause of their illnesses. By combining education, personal consultations, nutritional changes, Functional Medicine and Wellness modalities, we focus on healing the root cause of your illness.



We utilize the best and most innovative Functional Medicine testing to develop your personalized treatment plan. From supplements and detox programs, to stress-management techniques and plant-based medicines, we are dedicated to what meets your needs. Some ZAZEN testing includes: micronutrient testing, neurohumoral balance, and GI mapping.




When you think of conventional medicine, you think of drugs prescribed to ease the superficial symptoms. At ZAZEN, we look at the entirety of the being: the spiritual level, the cells and science of the body, and the mind. From nutritional supplementation to recommendations regarding lifestyle, we’re interested in evaluating and treating the whole person and not just a single symptom.



Through this personalized method, we help to treat the root cause of your symptoms. By implementing long-lasting, sustainable health improvements, we help you regain control of your health and guide you into a new, multi-level journey full of good health and happiness.




We believe there to be five parts in your multi-level journey to achieve what we have affectionately termed, the ZAZEN BALANCED BODY.

The Balanced Body


Our body interacts with everything: air and water quality, our diets, frequency of exercise, and exposure to toxins all influence our health. Creating a healthy environment is the first step to inner/outer body balance.

Hormones & Inflammation

Hormone or immune system imbalances cause the body to live out of its proper rhythm. Revealing the causes of your body’s imbalance is essential to regaining control of your health.

Mind / Body Effect

The mind and body is one, cohesive entity. Focusing on understanding this dynamic relationship is the final step to achieving the ZAZEN BALANCED BODY.

Gut & Digestive Health

Optimal gut health is at the core of our focus. It’s imperative to understand the link between chronic illness and an imbalanced microbiome, and focus on repairing it.

Detoxification & Stress

In order to heal the entire body, we must understand how to enhance our natural detoxifying capabilities while also implementing systems to reduce stress.

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Start Your Journey

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