Life should be lived in good health and happiness.

Wellness is a multi-level journey. We are committed to helping you reach optimal health through our philosophy developed and refined over our many years as gastrointestinal physicians. We believe there are five parts to achieving what we have affectionately termed, the ZAZEN BALANCED BODY.


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Mind / Body Effect

The mind and body must be approached as one, cohesive entity. Each one greatly impacts the other. Focusing on understanding this dynamic relationship is the final step to ZAZEN’s Balanced Body.



Health or disease is created by how our body interacts with the surrounding environment. Everything from air and water quality, our diets, psychosocial factors, frequency of exercise, and exposure to toxins influence our health. Creating a healthy environment inside and out is the first step to inner / outer body balance.

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Hormones & Inflammation

Imbalance within your hormones or immune system causes the body to live out of its proper rhythm. This can cause inflammation, weight gain, and contribute to disease. Revealing the cases of your body’s shift out of balance is essential to regaining control of your health.


Gut & Digestive Health

As gastrointestinal physician, optimal gut health is a prominent focus for us. Our gut is at the core of our health. It’s imperative to understand the link between chronic illness and an imbalanced microbiome, and focus on repairing it.


Detoxification & Stress

If waste builds up, we get sick. If stress builds up, we get sick. In order to heal the entire body, we must understand how to enhance our natural detoxifying capabilities while also implementing systems to reduce stress.